**Inter college life**”Two years in vijayawada” $Enjoyed less but result is more

I got gud % in my S.S.C and got my admission in “NALANDA JUNIOR COLLEGEPINAMANENI CAMPUS,VIJAYAWADA.

We started our journey from anathapur to vjwda by “kesaneni travels“. My Elder brother ” Murali krishna” came with me ..our journey started my brother shared his inter life and suggested me some tips ..how to manage with studies and how to behave with seniors and friends…

First day we went to campus and they alloted room:no:37 for us.
There we interacted with our seniors .our seniors manu and nag (my cousins too) helped a lot by suggesting me about studies.

My frnds in p.p.c campus :
Rizwan and Ramesh ( my 10th friends ).
Tauseef ahamed ( ongole)
sreenadh,phani mohan and kalyan ( from hindupur)
girish ,tirupathi rao ( hyd)


Actually me, manu and rizzu ..we planned for “JAYAM” movie but we didnt get tickets for it( house full).so alast we planned to watch ADHRUSHTAM (Avg movie) .


i met new friends with different characters with differ attitudes with their different way of speaking.

we have to woke up at 5:30 …the day passes with studies only no more enjoyment…. for every 2 dys they conducted exams …wht ever may be atlast the result will be good..

Coming to the food first we felt some difficult there after we adjusted.


For this movie we booked tickets in advance…so we went happily
to cinema hall…when we entered the hall there we find a huge gathering of all college students and hall is full of whistles …
we enjoyed a lot ….


For every outing we used to spend some time at “KANAKA DURGA DEVI TEMPLE ” and becent road ,benz circle..etc.. Especially my favourite spot in bezawada is BENZ Circle..It is very nearer to our campus…you know i tasted first parota in bezawada only.noodles too…

Atlast in the second year we visited circus,exhibition in IGMS grounds ..there we have seen various dance competitions,..etc..
we enjoyed a lot..

Alast, we worked hard for final exams..we got good result tooo………



  1. 1
    Murali Says:

    Nice blog mahi…elagey nee autograph sweet memories anni update cheyii…

  2. 2
    Nagendra Says:

    Very Very Nice mahi ..

  3. 3
    Manu Says:

    Chaaala Baagundi Mahi.. Nice idea too..
    Murali anna cheppinattu ilane update chey..
    It will be great wen you open & read the sweet memories…
    So continue…..

  4. 4

    I think in u r intermediate u spend less time and u enjoyed alot…

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