Buy and sell second hand mobile phones..

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hi friends,

Now days mobile plays a major role in every humans life . From 90’s it came in to existence ,it is the first and foremost communication device .Even a layman can use this and small children can operate this and mainly they used mobiles to play a different types of games like soccer,road race..etc…Different manufacturers with different handsets came in to market .From 1100 to Blackberry in nokia handset.

Main thing i want to tell you all is ..There is a website called ” your blog ” here they have a list of mobile handset(SECOND HAND MOBILE HANDSET) on sale & about their warranty and its cost..bla bla. .If the suitalble handset is ok for you then you have to enter your name,email id, and mobile number then click on submit.Then they will call you and provide the full details.OR else there you will find that person contact number.If it is urgent then you have to contact that person directly by calling to the particular given number.These is the easiest way to buy a second hand MOBILE HAND SET.

Mahesh Marimekala.


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