Schooling Days That Never Come Back…looks like a small experience but …???



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3……………… start ………

I came to earth on 1986 sep18th ..I started my schooling in “LITTLE ANGELS SCHOOL ” in my home town . Then i shifted to “GNANA DEEPIKA PUBLIC SCHOOL ” two more years there…then to “PRAGATHI ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL” .Most of my schooling done in PRAGATHI only almost 7 years….from (3RD TO 10TH)…

My 10th photo///

My 10th photo///

u know i am one of the bright student in my class.. Those Days never come back .I enjoyed a lot … Every year various competitions were conduct for our SCHOOL DAY CELEBRATIONS.. i remember in 7th classi my fisrt stage performance drama and my character in it is a student who is willing to get a chance in cinema.. and one group dance also .Our teachers encouraged alot .we had seperate trainee to train us whether dance or drama what ever it is.

Sweet Memories...

Sweet Memories...

I remember in 6th standard one day our maruthi sir conducted votings session for the post of CLASS LEADER . so sir asked intrested candidates can stand who will get more votes he is the “LEADER”.Me too particapted and few more boys & girls also. so polling started u knw me got more votes than my from that day onwards…..MAHESH ruling started .

10 th batch...

10 th batch...

For every new year celebrations we ourselves decorate our class .I had a habit of writing proverbs on the notice board every day . The first proverb still i remember ”Childrens life is a golden life”.One day our principal sir called me and he encouraged me a lot for writing proverbs.One more at that time i was a school pupil leader (SPL).So while doing morning prayer we have to read the meaning of proverb every day .

Me with my 10th frnds..  sarath,ramesh, me ,sri ram,hari,

Me with my 10th frnds.. sarath,ramesh, me ,sri ram,hari,

Me and Baba fakroddin...after 10th snap

Me and Baba fakroddin...after 10th snap


Every year for 10th students Ramanujan Talent Test were Conducted.I got 4th rank at mandal level and from our school totally 7 members got below 10 ranks.So for Final test we went to guntur by train .really we enjoyed the trip a lot .Two more faculity memers came with us.

Atlast we wrote our final exams successfully…..

...........friendship .....

...........friendship .....



  1. 1
    santosh Says:

    bhayya nee kala poshana amaantham……..
    memu aa samudram lo chinna chinna neeti bottulam

  2. 2
    jyothi Says:

    anna nuvvu kevvu keka

  3. 5
    one of ur classmate upto 4th Says:

    blog adirindi

  4. 6
    usha Says:

    hi mahi world lo only school days ena collge leda sir?

  5. 7

    Hi mahesh u r blog is simply superb when i saw u r blog and u r photos i remember my school days…

    Keep on blogging dude

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